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— Barbara

"The doctor kept saying my problems were due to "aging." Janice got to the bottom of what was wrong. My system was overrun with yeast, virus, fungus and inflammation, accompanied with blood rouleau. Why couldn't the doctor find this?"

— Holly

"I went from not being able to hear for 2 years to being clear in two weeks. She tested me for Histamine Intolerance (something I knew nothing about before) and confirmed my diet was causing many of my symptoms. This is after 2 trips to the doctor, 2 two different dentists, 3 visits to ENT, and 1 to allergist. She reviewed my live blood sample and informed me about my and my son's methylation issues and how to address it."

— Kathy 

I went to Janice with late stage ovarian cancer. The doctors told me I had an 80% chance of recurrence. I learned from Janice the role yeast, fungus and mold play in promoting the survival of cancer cells. So, I followed her dietary plan and the supplements she recommended. Today, five years later, I'm happy to report I'm cancer free with ZERO recurrences!! Thank you Janice!!"

— Tina 

"Best thing I have ever done for myself was going to Janice and educating myself on nutrition and how it is the key to good health. Doctors were prescribing pills for the symptoms, but Janice educates you to the cause of the health issue so no pills are needed. You are what you eat! I have recommended her to every person I hear complaining about their health. She is the BEST!"

— Anita

"Janice is the best! She saved me from my unhealthy gut, candidiasis, etc. she is the reason I am healthy today. With no symptoms relating to being diagnosed with MS. Janice gets all the credit! See her for autoimmune issues resulting from an unhealthy gut. She will get you on the path to wellness....."


— Ahmet

"My wife & I are very pleased with our initial consultations... now planing to bring the rest of the family!"

— Mellon

"Haven't felt this good in years and I'm finally losing weight!! Thank You Janice!"

— Jody

"I have been working with Janice for more than 15 years and together we have gotten me to a better level of living and understanding that food is healing if you eat the right things. Reviewed my DNA results with her. Totally eye opening. She can easily interpret what that report says so I can continue to have even better health."

— Lisa

"Very knowledgeable and professional! Great experience."


"She quickly diagnosed my condition when the doctors were all guessing. She got me back on my feet and working again. Janice and the incredibly awsome andrea have been so helpful and just packed full of helpful knowledge and advice. They put the jump in my bones and never fail to put a smile on my face."

— Michelle

Sometimes we don't realize the value of someone that is close to home. I have traveled to many Doctors in my natural fight against brain cancer. Almost six years later I'm still doing well and I attribute a lot of that to Janice. She is simply brilliant.

— Barbara

If you follow her advice your condition will greatly improve or you will be completely healed. Janice Pickings is the best and surely a gift to this world. I am not rich or close to it , however, I tell my friends if you go to her and are not satisfied I will pay your bill. I have sent many people to her and have yet to pay a bill. I would never do that for any of my doctors. You will surely love her as I do....The. very best in the USA come in to day. We are very lucky to have her on the east coast.

— Mellon

"Janice is great!!! I have been changing my eating habits and using the supplements she recommended and I feel 100% better and it's only been 10 days."

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