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Healthy Food
Nutrition and Functional Medicine Counseling

Using the latest advances in nutritional testing, we strive to get to the root of your health imbalances and develop an individual nutrition plan.  This will include recommendations for both food and supplements.

Nutritional Genetic Testing

With the advancement of DNA testing and measuring, a new approach to wellness is emerging, Nutrigenomics

Reaching Out to the Sun
Immune Support Protocols

In light of today's current health crisis we offer immune support consultations for the following:

-Covid Infection

-Post Covid Recovery

-Viral/ Flu Infections

-Children's Immune Support

Infrared Sauna

Help your body's natural way of detoxification and healing through our Sunlight Infrared Sauna


Breast thermography offers women information that no other procedure can provide

Additional Support

There may be times, after your initial consultation that you require additional help navigating your nutritional plan. 

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