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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve your health if you have a chronic illness, as well as to prevent future health issues. We create a partnership with our patients, provide cutting edge testing, and nutritional education regarding what to eat as well as what supplements may be needed for optimal health. We provide on going coaching to help you achieve your health goals.

Get to know us!

Janice Picking, Clinical Nutritionist

I have devoted over 35 years in private practice to developing effective nutrition protocols as a Clinical Nutritionist. My goal is to provide the nutritional knowledge and information that you will need to optimize your health along with developing an individualized nutrition program. I received my B.S. in Clinical Nutrition as well as a dual degree in Biochemistry from Penn State University. My post Graduate Studies are in Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry from Penn State and Bridgeport University.  I am also certified in Darkfield Microscopy. I specialize in Methylgenetic Nutrition.

Erica Picking

I enjoy helping others restore their health by encouraging proper eating and making physical activity a part of the everyday life. I have a passion for getting to the root cause of the problem and treating the cause not the symptom. I received a B.S degree in Exercise Science from Liberty University. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

Sheri Asea

Since 2006 I have been dedicated to coaching others to reach their health goals, physically spiritually and emotionally.  I sit one on one with others to make a plan that fits their personal desires to give them a more healthy and balanced life.  My goal is to coach others to live an abundant life.  I don't want people to just survive, I want them to thrive!!

I am a Health Food Chef, certified in Health and Wellness, and have a Masters degree in Psychology from Cairn University.