Services and Testing Fees

Nutritional Counseling

New Patient- 215.00 (1 hour)

Second Visit- 170.00 (1 hour)

All other Follow-ups 110.00 (45 Minutes)

Phone Consultation- 25$ per 15 Minutes


*All consultations Include a Live    Blood Cell Analysis & Review of Bloodwork

Nutritional DNA Consultation

$150.00 (1 hour)

*includes an interpretation and in-house or phone consultation for a personalized nutrition plan through our Nutritional Genetic Software

Glyphosate and Evironmental Toxins
Environmental Toxins & Glyphosate Lab Test

Glyphosate- $99.00

Glyphosate & Full toxin panel - $280.00

Infrared Sauna

1 Session- $20.00

10 Pack- $175.00


Breast thermography offers women information that no other procedure can provide

healthy food
Integrity Classes

Nutrition Class- $40.00

in person or online