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Investment in Your Health 

Nutrition & Functional Medicine Counseling

New Patient- $245.00 (1 hour)

Second Visit- $195.00 (1 hour)

All other Follow-ups $135.00

(45 Minutes)

Phone Consultation- $95.00.

(30 Minutes)


Nutritional DNA Consultation

$195.00 (30 minutes) for existing patients. 

$395.00 (60 minutes) for New Patient Consultation combined with the DNA analysis.

*includes an interpretation and consultation for a personalized nutrition plan through our Nutritional Genetic System.

Infrared Sauna

1 Session- $22.00

10 Pack- $200.00

Additional Support

There may be times, after your initial consultation that you require additional help navigating your nutritional plan. 

$75.00 (30 minutes)

Reaching Out to the Sun
Immune Support Protocols

In light of today's current health crisis we offer immune support consultations for the following:

-Covid Infection

-Post Covid Recovery

-Viral/ Flu Infections

-Children's Immune Support

$75.00 (30 minutes)

$150 (60 minutes)

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