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May provide the earliest warning

Wouldn't it be great if there were a test that had the possibility to offer women true early detection? Angiogenesis, or new blood vessel formation, is necessary to sustain tumor growth. Breast thermography may be the first signal that such a possibility is developing.

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Individualized Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Are you personally at greater risk for breast cancer? Women with a family history are at a greater risk, however, 75% of women who develop breast cancer have no family history, Regardless of your family history, if a thermogram is abnormal you run a future risk of breast cancer that is 10 times higher than a first order family history of the disease. Thermography has the ability to provide women with a future risk assessment. If discovered, certain thermographic risk markers can warn a woman that she needs to work closely with her doctor with regular checkups to monitor her breast health.

  1. It's Safe

  2. It can play a big role in early detection

  3. It is non-invasive and without touch

  4. It's Very Accurate

  5. It can be used to assess the whole body

Top 5 Reasons why you need Thermography


Sensitive/Non-invasive Screening for young women

A Possible Role in Breast Cancer Prevention

Are there thermal signs of hormone effects in your breasts?

Since the greatest single risk factor for the development of breast cancer is lifetime exposure of the breasts to estrogen, normalizing the balance of hormones in the breast may be an important step in prevention. Certain thermographic signs may suggest the effects of hormones in the breasts. These signs may be the first markers that alert your doctor to the possibility of elevated hormone levels. Once your doctor confirms the cause, treatment can begin to balance the hormones. In this way, thermography may play a significant role in breast cancer prevention.

Do you know that According to the American Breast Cancer Society, 15% of all breast cancers occur in women under 45? This is the most common cancer in women in this age group. Breast cancers in younger women are usually more aggressive and have lower survival rates. Breast thermography offers younger women a valuable imaging tool that they can add to their breast health check-ups, beginning with baseline imaging at age 20.

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