Life Coaching & Wellness Classes

with Sherri Lynn

This is a great next step to keep you motivated after you meet with Jancie.

Image by Brooke Lark

1. Nutrition & Wellness Classes:  

These classes are packed with: 

  • Neuroscience,

  • Psychology,

  • Body Science and

  • Biblical Tools that will keep you motivated to eat nutritious foods, think well, plan better for a purposeful life and cook healthier, all while having fun!

2. Life Coaching for Women & Girls: Our time together will be an inspiration to live a fulfilling life with a greater purpose through a balanced lifestyle, a powerful mindset and a schedule that is well managed to reach your goals and have a thriving relationship with Jesus.

Wellness Classes: $40 per class, see list below

Life Coaching: starting at $65

Call to schedule with Sherri Lynn/Life Coach 

609.432.4333 or

Order some classes and watch them over and over for extra motivation & encouragement!!

Nutrition 101, Heal Your Body Naturally

Sherri will teach how natural healing can occur through proper nutrition. She will discuss the science and benefits of many different fruits and vegetables. She will also teach on quick and easy tips to eat them daily!


Anti-Inflammatory Eating

One of the major things causes disease, sickness, joint pain, skin irritations and arthritis is chronic inflammation.  This class will teach you the science of how it begins and how to help heal and be preventative through food and healthy activities.


Healthy Meal Planning & Prepping 

Do you want to eat healthier, but just don't know how? Then come to my next event & I will teach you how to make eating healthy delicious! You will learn the behind the scenes secrets to making a healthy lifestyle manageable and the wonderful health benefits.


Managing Anxiety Naturally

This class was designed to teach you a wide range of peaceful practices that will lead to a calmer way of living.  I will teach you how anxiety begins and the ways to be proactive with it.

Overcoming Depression

This class was designed to teach you a wide range of encouraging and uplifting exercises that will lead you to a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.  Sherri will teach you how depression begins and the ways to battle it by setting goals, maintaining boundaries and creating a balance for your life.

Detox Your Body & Feel Great

Living in the modern world, our bodies can get to feeling pretty worn out inside. Between the sugars, refined flours, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, chemical food additives, pesticides, and environmental pollutants we encounter, our cells are exposed to a myriad of toxins and inflammation triggers. This class will teach you to help your body's ability to detox.